BURN & TAILOR is a multidisciplinary creative design studio. We help people build brands and visual identities.

We create graphics, websites, digital applications and experiences. We illustrate, create animations and design interiors. We do research and give advice on strategy and creative management. We strive to create lasting value and functional design.

Our structure, modus operandi and work ethics is unique: we are among the few studios where the owners are lead designers and the primary contact for all clients. Because of our compact nature we can dedicate personal commitment and deep engagement to all of our projects.





The most productive way to work for us is in non-hierarchical, friendly co-operations. We align our goals with the client’s and work on the design challenge at hand thusly. To ensure quality outcome we ask tough questions and do throughout research. To give our everything, we need partners and clients who are driven, responsible and value-oriented.

We are able to work with communication departments or directly with owners or managers. Our team is flexible and has a history of working as extension to already existing creative teams or design studios.

We look at design not only as a tool to solve “problems” but more profoundly as means to realize unseen potentials and reach ultimately better states.


who we are

Tamas Szabo


Tamás has a Masters degree in Communication studies – has a background in art, linguistics and philosophy on the side. Before co-founding BURN&TAILOR he worked as a freelancing graphic and motion designer.

Tamás teaches Design theory and Art philosophy in the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He has a strong interest and active research in the fields of human behavior, psychology, evolution, social sciences as well as the future of design and commerce.

He is an avid road cyclist and randonneur, often challenging himself to ultra long distance rides.

Judit Bernat


Judit has a BA and MA degree in Communication and Media studies and has a background also in journalism.

Previously she worked as a designer in a number of different industries including printing, film industry and event organization. A focused yet diverse background that helps her excel without contradiction, whether it be illustrations or front-end development.

She has a passion for social sciences, an academic and self driven research into social theory, sustainability and design ethics. A practicing minimalist, permaculture and biodiversity enthusiast she aims to be future-proof.


We value intelligent, creative, culturally and environmentally conscious work. Our goal is to become productive partners to like-minded people from cultural industries, education, science and not-for-profit institutions.

We respect the impact of visual culture and design on contemporary life and take our role as designers seriously. We believe that design can guide human behavior, therefore we only collaborate in efforts that do not abuse this relationship.

We work at the fertile intersection between craft, art, science and education – in service of the emergence of conscious cultures in the age of information.


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