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Kodolányi János University is looking to undergo big changes during 2017. Using this as an opportunity to rethink their communication, and to commemorate their 25 year long history they asked us to work with them on a complete overhaul of their branding and communication strategy. Kodolányi János University is a leading figure in Hungarian higher education both with its unparalleled quality standards and its innovations. The school attracts foreign and native students alike with its unique models of education and mentoring as well as its captivating e-learning opportunities.


Our goal was to first understand the complex institute and field as well as possible, and to create a research and inquiry based output that can be used as a ground for further development. It is really a profound beginning more than anything that we have achieved: a book that is an analysis of current states, needs and opportunities as well as a helping hand for the management of the University to understand the challenge that is successful branding and communication.


We have worked with university staff ranging from the highest management to teachers, collected data on students, alumni members and got everyone involved in making their voices heard. We mapped the university’s internal structure and state, but also analyzed external industry figures to be able to comparatively measure the data we had and make truly useful recommendations.

We collaborated with Pintér Dániel, a Communication Strategy Expert for this project.


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