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YALO! is the end product of a self-initiated project in collaboration with a group of young, freshly graduated Hungarian copywriters. It was inspired by the YCN Student Award’s 2012 Yahoo! brief. The brief’s objective was to reach 13-18 year olds to set Yahoo! as their homepage. Since we started working on it in 2015, we just mainly focused on how to make the Yahoo! brand more visible and popular for the target audience.


Create something that draws the attention of Hungarian 13-18 year-olds to Yahoo! and engages them in Yahoo products.


According to our own research the Hungarian audience uses their phone almost all the time, mostly hang out on social media and read about their interests, but barely knew about Yahoo’s products.


YALO! is an online competition platform that takes into account the everyday activities of the students: sports, physical activities, community events, surfing the web and creating their own content. It is a Yahoo! x Fitbit cooperation that enables the two brands to take over 3 high schools in Hungary with its creative challenges to make kids more active. The prize of the winning class is a class trip to one of the chosen cities they unlocked with their activities during the competition.

Interaction and Details


copy writing • Dorottya Dinh, Gabor Ott   research • Lili Bansagi

We are not affiliated with Yahoo! or Fitbit.


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