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Media 2.0 is a communication agency born out of a blog and regular meetup that a couple of young professionals started back in 2012 where they focused on local (Hungarian) and international communication and media industry processes. They quickly became a prominent actor in the media education sector and turned into an intellectual workshop for journalists, media experts, PR professionals, marketers and instructors alike. From 2016 they also operate as a company and as a crisis advocacy office, within which they combine competitive market solutions with a value-based approach.

Their transformation meant an important milestone and a logical point of reference to create a new look for their newly found challenges, where they wanted to keep the casual social vibe of a blogger/meetup community and add a professional, expert consultancy image on top of that.

media_2 0_logo_01
media_2 0_logo 03

To show their many faces it was crucial for us to create a fluid design that unifies them, and at the same time helps in differentiating between the various activities (agency, blog, meetup, education, community building). This way the main logo was created as an umbrella under which the logos of the sub-branches found their place, also adding their graphical elements as decorative textures that can be used in offline, as well as online outputs.

media_2 0_logo 06

We created a new responsive webdesign that helped them effectively incorporate their various activities.

In addition we created stationery, roll-up and badge designs as well as graphics to use on their social media.

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