Music and cultural festival

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Music and cultural festival

Music and cultural festival

Mészistock music festival

Our relationship with the festival: MésziStock, is one the spans over 3 years, and is dear to our hearts for many reasons.

MésziStock is a series of events held annually, a music festival in the Hungarian countryside, organized in the plains resting between two hill-ranges. The festival grew out of friends throwing concerts and parties for each other, a usual story for music festivals, but one that is not so common for the non-urban parts of Hungary. A vibrant and cultured event, Mészistock emerged to be respected not only by the young, underground of the region, but neighboring villages and people of all ages.

Our role in the partnership with ‘Stock was to create a visual identity, one that can change over the years, but hold some core constants, to be flexible yet memorable. 

egyben az egesz

We wanted to design a visual world that is as rich as the festival itself.  Our goal was to communicate inclusiveness, an invitation to a friendly, colorful world that by day is: playful, invigorating and lucid and by night: dreamy, electrifying, ecstatic.

Employing the hand of our friend, illustrator and social activist: Virág Papp to create the character designs we created illustrations for posters and social media campaigns. We married this illustrative world to clean graphic design with patterns and visual signifiers that go hand in hand with it, but do not distract the straightforward information design that was central to everything that we did.

We created a responsive website with event timetables, band information and all the necessary jazz to help visitors know whats where and when. We designed a foldable festival guide that had on one side all the practical information, and on the other side a poster for the visitors to take home. The idea was to play on the fact that festival-goers often like to take home souvenirs, and also to reduce waste by creating something of lasting value.

We aided the festival with social media post templates, ticket and arm-band layouts, flyers, posters, even wine labels for backstage presents for the performers. 




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