Kodolányi János Egyetem

After working on smaller campaigns together, Kodolányi János University approached us to work on a progressive re-imagining of their brand identity and communication strategy. Beyond the technicals, their reason for the timing of this project was their 25th anniversary.

Our response to this complex challenge was to prepare a series of steps: projects that are beneficial for the university in isolation, but are part of a bigger strategic approach.

The first such step was to create an in depth research to both analyze the university at its current state – and to collect data on “competing” higher education institutes.

We worked on this project as a team with Dániel Gergő Pintér – PR Strategist & Crisis Communication Specialist.


We got involved with all internal departments and probed the institute in a way that gave us a holistic image.

We interviewed and surveyed high ranking managers, teachers and students alike. To get an image of the “industry” at large, we went and personally investigated other Hungarian universities, and did  research on foreign institutes and their strategies as well.

Following a strictly scientific approach we managed to translate our findings to readable data that gave a foundation to any meaningful steps going forward.

Our findings were ultimately presented on paper. The book is an analysis of current states, needs and opportunities as well as a helping hand for the management to understand the challenge that is successful branding and communication.

Beyond the main focus of the project, the research and data analysis, our secondary but equally important goal was to produce an organized, easily readable information digest. The design and printing of the book was hence a procedure that went in conjunction with the research, and was a direct outcome of the logic of the findings.




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