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In 2016 we were approached by Megafilm to create a poster for the Hungarian movie titled ‘Memo’.

Memo is about the friendship of a psychiatrist and a patient and about the battle with mental illness. Part drama, part psychological thriller set in socialist Hungary, the movie explores the intertwined themes of sickness, healing, friendship and institutionalized solutions to care.

For the project we developed three poster directions, all demonstrating the core concepts of the movie, but emphasizing different artistic, dramatic and conceptual aspects.

mov_03 1 1

The poster design chosen by the studio was the one presenting more from the movies thriller / mystery side. The poster still notes on thematic schemes of loneliness, escape and complex character development. The poster directly references a pivotal scene, that helps communicate the movies medical setting as well as the abstract notions of memory and mind.

One of the directions not chosen were where we elevated a prop from the movie and used it against a silhouette of the main character. The poster is mysterious, hints on inner conflict, character development, and the human mind as central theme.

On the third version the main character’s portrait is set against a pattern of cryptic scribbles. Fire as cleansing force, a troubled mind looking for a way out: themes central to the movie. The poster is emotive, psychedelic, dramatic, foreshadowing conflict and resolution, redemption and catharsis. 

mov_02 1
poster5 1



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