Engage your audience with 360° Photos/videos

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Engage your audience with 360° Photos/videos

Engage your audience with 360° Photos/videos

Engage your audience with 360° Photos/videos

Facebook has finally brought 360-degree photos to the News Feed (videos has been available since September of last year). The feature functions the following way: you are able to click and drag to explore an environment on desktop or move your smartphone around as if its screen were a viewfinder. (The feature is also tied directly to Facebook-owned Oculus VR’s push for more live-action photography and video you can experience with the Gear VR and Rift headsets. Both devices will also be able to view 360-degree photos shared on the social network.)

Now Facebook is making its platform more friendly to photos, which can be shot with a smartphone instead of an expensive video rig. So we may see a steady uptick in both professional-grade and consumer-shot 360-degree content. The update will let you upload panoramas captured with native smartphone cameras, 360-degree photospheres made with third-party apps, or photos shot using a dedicated 360-degree rigs.

Smart ways to use 360° photos/videos in your business

This feature allows anyone – let it be a multinational company or a one-person business – to keep their followers/customers engagement active and to potentially reach new audiences.

A stunning and captivating way for publishers and content creators to share immersive stories, places and experiences with their fans.

Just a few of the feasible applications include product/office/venue showcasing, event promotion and production presentation. You can use this new feature in many awesome ways to create a more intimate look of your brand and/or products and increase customer trust!


Source: The Verge



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